10 Tips Understand Your Customer Needs!

The business world is facing a moment of profound transformations that are producing significant impacts on the way companies relate to their customers.

On the one hand are increasingly well-informed customers, with great bargaining power due to the high competitiveness of most markets and increasingly demanding in terms of the shopping experience.

On the other, companies fighting for a better position and having to develop assertive service techniques to win over their customers. Any slip can be fatal as there are new competitors waiting around every corner.

Meeting the expectations of this new type of consumer is not always a simple task, that’s why we’ve separated some tips that will help you delight your customer and get better results in your sales .

1 – Offer solutions

Selling these days is much more than talking about features and benefits of the products or services you are offering. Remember that most of your customers already come to the purchase informed, since most of the information is available on the internet.

The salesperson’s role within this new context is very similar to that of a consultant and their focus should be on presenting solutions that best meet the customer’s needs.

2 – Understand your customer’s needs

And speaking of needs, so that you can solve problems or meet your customers’ expectations, it is important that you first identify exactly what they are looking for.

Imagine the situation of a customer entering a store looking for a new computer, he mentions that he has a limited budget and that he will only use the computer to access the internet and other basic functions. The seller knows that there are models with powerful performance and others, with more affordable prices, that will perfectly meet the customer’s needs. It is up to the seller to analyze which model is most suitable according to the need expressed by the customer and advise the customer assertively.

3 – Let the customer dictate the pace of purchase

Nothing is more unpleasant than being served by an impatient salesperson, with no time to answer questions and clarify your doubts. Or a salesperson who keeps dragging out the purchase process when you’re clearly in a hurry.

Pay attention to your customer, the signals he is emitting and let him dictate the pace of purchase. Making the sale at the right time is a powerful weapon to delight customers.

4 – Know the product or service you are offering very well

When you demonstrate that you know the technical characteristics, you manage to point out strengths and weaknesses of the products or services you are selling, you transmit security to your client. This security certainly impacts the shopping experience, making it more pleasant and positive.

5 – Solve problems promptly

Every business is subject to setbacks. What will make a customer’s shopping experience good or bad has much more to do with how you deal with that problem than with the problem itself.

Was the product defective? Swap! Was the food late? Offer a free drink and apologize for the inconvenience. When the customer perceives that the company cares about him and that it is focused on offering a solution promptly, his level of satisfaction is not usually affected.

6 – Surprise

Everyone likes to be positively surprised, right? Explore this in customer service. Offer a freebie, give an unexpected discount, send a birthday card. Use creativity!

7 – Explore the feedback provided by social networks

The reviews left on your social networks can be a good thermometer to know how customer service is being received by the public. Use criticism to your advantage, always focusing on your constructive side.

8 – smile

Who never went to a store and came across a grumpy salesperson and left without taking anything? Professionals who deal directly with clients must understand that good service has a lot to do with energy exchange. Smile, show that you enjoy doing what you’re doing, have a positive attitude and you’ll see great results in your sales.

9 – Don’t lie

To develop a good relationship with your customers you need to build a bond of trust. False arguments can even win you a certain business, but is it worth compromising your credibility in the long run? Always be honest, even when pointing out the weak points of your product or service.

That way, when the customer is faced with these negative aspects after the purchase, he will not feel deceived or injured.

10 – Use a personalized approach

The approach you use to treat a child is not the same as the one you would use with a teenager, is it? There are different types of people and the more you can customize your service, the more efficient your communication and your power of persuasion will be. Escape ready-made phrases and get ready to deal with different styles of people.

For example, an introverted person might feel uncomfortable if you start firing questions. A formal person might feel uncomfortable if you use weird vocabulary and so on.

Enchanting customers has a lot to do with adaptability, this flexibility makes communication much more efficient and sales more accurate.

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