Escape The Sameness Reinvent Your Business In 7 Easy Ways

In these periods of commercial doldrums, if the reason is not an ongoing economic crisis, there are ways to reinvent your company’s internal (and external) procedures to boost sales and re-motivate your employees . How to do this and prevent this inertia in your company’s business from irreversibly harming it? We can help you! Check out our tips to reinvent your business and escape the sameness:

1 – Motivate your employees

There are several ways to motivate your employees , but each company must invest in the one that best meets its needs. For example, it is possible to implement a program of granting prizes and bonuses based on personal productivity increase . Furthermore, promotion systems based on objective productivity criteria (increase in sales, commissions, etc.) can make your employees work harder and seek to expand their sales.

2 – Hold meetings outside the office

How about holding weekly meetings outside the work environment? Periodic meetings are already an essential activity for any business management , so why not make them more interesting? These meetings should guide your employees regarding the most recent company guidelines, new products marketed, competitors’ actions, among other important information. But why always hold these meetings within the company?

Vary this location weekly and choose a nearby coffee shop, for example. This makes meetings more stimulating for employees and encourages new ideas. Ask everyone to take their laptops to a cafe with Wi-Fi, and take advantage of the change of environment to air your team’s ideas too! Another tip is to hold an exceptional meeting on the company’s patio, like a picnic. You will see how employees will react positively and how much they will earn after the activity!

3 – Encourage interaction between employees on social networks

Most likely, all of your employees are already users of social networks like Facebook and Instagram . How about increasing the interaction of these professionals on social media as well? This is a way to increase the presence of your company also in the “off-work” moments of employees. On Facebook, for example, it is possible to create private groups of conversations and posts between these users. In this group, try to encourage more relaxed posts, such as jokes, interesting videos and news relevant to your business.

4 – Organize visits to suppliers and customers

How long has it been since you’ve had a face-to-face conversation with your suppliers and customers ? How about organizing periodic meetings with these partners that are so essential for maintaining your business? Try to schedule a breakfast with your suppliers to discuss the terms of your commercial relations, satisfaction with the work done and any changes that could be made.

The same can be done with your company’s main customers. Try to find out which points can be improved in the service you provide, or in the products you sell. This type of openness and frank conversation between entrepreneur and client can have great effects on your business: increased satisfaction, increased sales and correction of failures in the process, among others.

5 – Encourage moments of internal fraternization

How about choosing a day of the month to hold get-togethers between employees ? Depending on the size of your company and your budget possibilities, it is possible, for example, to hire a bartender to serve drinks and other similar drinks, at the end of the day on the last Friday of the month. Actions like this can have the effect of increasing your team’s motivation, integration and interaction.

Escape The Sameness! Reinvent Your Business

6 – Try more flexible working hours

More flexible working hours can be extremely helpful in increasing productivity in your company. In this context, your employees end up focusing more on completing certain activities and projects, rather than just fulfilling a shift. But, attention! Although flexible, it is necessary to organize shifts so that the business does not run out of money at certain times of the day. Try to talk to your employees and see what their suggestions for change would be. Perhaps creating a bank of hours is just what your company needs.

7 – Talk to your employees about the company

Have you ever stopped to listen—for real—what each employee has to say about your company? Often, the best and most effective ideas come precisely from the suggestions of employees, who are professionals with direct contact with the company’s core activity, who know exactly the everyday problems and who can provide the best solutions for apparently difficult problems ( or simply ignored) for direction.

In addition, this is a strategy to prevent more serious future problems, as this conversation can anticipate dissatisfactions, frustrations and misunderstandings in the professional sphere, allowing you to resolve them quickly.

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