How To Delete Text Free Account Know About Some Few Steps

With the help of a virtual phone number, users of the free texting and calling software Text Free can place and receive text messages as well as phone calls.  After creating your Text Free account, you can use the app to place phone calls and send and receive text messages using your virtual phone number. Although the app is free to use, depending on your usage, there can be certain restrictions on the quantity of messages and calls you can send or receive.

Deleting Text Free Account: But why?

If you delete your Text Free account, you won’t be able to use the app to send and receive texts or place calls using your fabricated phone number. You must choose a new virtual phone number and register a new account if you ever wish to use Text Free again.

Still, one might desire to delete their Text Free account for a number of reasons, including:


  • No Longer Using the App: You might want to cancel your account if you are no longer using the Text Free app for messaging and calling in order to clear up space on your device and streamline your app usage.
  • Privacy Concerns: Deleting your Text Free account can assist to remove your virtual phone number and related data from the app if you’re concerned about your privacy and want to reduce the amount of personal information that is visible online.
  • Cost: Although Text Free is a free software, it can come with extra features or services that cost money or require a subscription. Delete your account to avoid future charges, if you do not wish to continue paying for these features.
  • Moving To Another App: To consolidate your app usage and simplify your communication, you might choose to deactivate your account if you’ve discovered a new messaging or calling app that you prefer to Text Free.
  • Security Worries: Deleting your account will assist to safeguard your personal information and stop further unauthorized access if you believe that your Text Free account has been compromised or hacked.

Review the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the app before deleting your Text Free account to make sure you are aware of any repercussions or limitations.

How To Delete Text Free Account

Delete Text Free Account

Use these instructions to delete your Text Free account.

  • The Text Free app should be opened.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the “Me” icon.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose “Settings”.
  • Go down the page and choose “Delete Account.”
  • To confirm that you want to remove your account, follow the instructions.
  • Enter your password, for confirming the deletion.


Your Text Free account and accompanying phone number will be permanently removed from the app once you’ve finished these steps. Your account’s associated messages and call history will also be deleted and lost forever.

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