Expert Tips For How To Find Dragonballs in Xenoverse?

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the Dragon Balls serve the same agenda as they do in the Dragon Ball anime and manga series. In the video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the Dragon Balls can be found dispersed throughout the game world. Once all seven Dragon Balls are together, they can be used to beckon the dragon Shenron, who can grant the player character one of several wishes. These wishes can comprise:

  • Reviving a beaten ally.
  • Growing the player’s health or ki (energy) bars.
  • Furthering the player’s experience points or zeni (an in-game currency).
  • Revealing a new character or costume.
  • Resetting the player’s skill points so they can be assigned differently.

Dragonballs in Xenoverse

Players can collect Dragon Balls by completing specific missions or quests, or by discovering them hidden throughout the game world. Once all seven Dragon Balls are gathered, the player must visit the Time Nest to call Shenron and make their wish. Once the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls will be strewn throughout the game world again and must be collected one more time.

The Dragon Balls serve as a valuable tool for players looking to improve their characters or unlock new content in the game.


Benefits of Finding Dragonballs in Xenoverse

In the game of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, finding the Dragon Balls can benefits the player in few ways and here are some of those:

Wish-granting: Finding the Dragon Balls allows the player to make wishes to Shenron, such as including unlocking new characters, gaining new skills or clothing items, and even resetting their character’s stats.

Unlocking characters: Players can unlock fan-favorite characters like Broly, Bardock, and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta through regular gameplay.

Story progression: Finding the Dragon Balls helps to progress through the game’s story mode.

Challenge: For players who like challenges in games, finding the Dragon Balls can be a gratifying experience in itself.

How To Find Dragonballs in Xenoverse

Dragonballs in Xenoverse: Ways to Find

Now that you know what are the benefits of finding Dragonballs in Xenoverse, you would be much eager to know the different ways to find it. Let me help you with the ways.

  • Complete Parallel Quests: The easiest way to find Dragon Balls is by finishing Parallel Quests. Each Parallel Quest has a fortuitous of dropping a Dragon Ball upon completion. You can replay Parallel Quests as many times as you want till you find all seven Dragon Balls.
  • Search the Game World: Dragon Balls can also be traced in a scattered way throughout the game world. Monitor every nook and cranny of each area in the game and you might invent a Dragon Ball hidden away.
  • Use a Dragon Radar: Later in the game, you can gain a Dragon Radar, which will help you find the Dragon Balls more easily. Train it as one of your skills, and it will show you the position of any Dragon Ball in the area you’re currently in.
  • Get a Hint from NPCs: Few non-player characters (NPCs) in the game will give you indications on where to find Dragon Balls. Talk to as many NPCs as you can to collect data about their possible locations.



The whole game is enjoyable in itself. It is one of the semi open world Role-playing Video Games (RPG), with the fighting part being unique, along with challenges of creating your own character and performing transformation skill.

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