Tips For Beginners How To Kickflip on A Tech Deck?

Do you want to impress your relatives and friends at the table with awesome finger boarding tricks? This article will show the art of kickflipping a deck.

The kickflip was formerly called the magic flip. It’s an old skateboarding trick in which the skater sways his feet towards his nose in order to create an angle that makes the skateboard rotate 360 degrees around its own axis. The trick has also been used by other sports on the board, such as surfing, snowboarding and sailing.


Tech Deck

Tech Deck is a company producing miniature skateboards. These skateboards come with everything is a real skateboard such as trucks, wheels and graphics. They are sometimes referred to as fingerboards. Like the name implies, fingerboards are operated by fingers. Every skateboarding trick, including flip, ollie and heel-flip, that are executed on skateboards, could be easily performed on the fingerboard. Beyond that it is possible to perform anything, and continue to invent innovative tricks and feats on your own.


Kickflip on A Tech Deck in 4 Easy Steps

First step: To begin with, you’ll need to put the middle of your finger over the tail and your finger that is on the logo. This is thought as the primary location to perform other tricks such as an ollie or a heel-flip.

Step 2: You’ll need turn it around then push it forward using your fingers. Push the tail down using your middle finger, which is placed on it while you’re putting the tail your index finger must move towards you for better control. If you’ve mastered how to do an ollie with a tech deck, this is familiar. The only difference is that when you are dragging your finger towards the other side, you’ll have to twist it a more.

Step 3: When flipping it into the air, make sure that both fingers are touching the deck while it’s in air. Don’t let one of your fingers fall out of contact or you’ll lose control and will not be able to properly land.

Fourth step: The sole element left is landing. This is essential because you need to conclude your efforts in a professional way. When you do this be sure to let it land across all 4 wheels. This is the best landing. If you fail when you land on the side just push it forward until it is back in balance and then move forward with a smile and pretend that this is the way you planned to go!

How To Kickflip on A Tech Deck


If you have small children at home be sure to keep them from the technology deck since they may place it into their mouths and easily swallow it.

Be patient when you are still learning how to do the kickflip because it takes time before you can master the technique.



You’ll find the kick flip to be much simpler when you know how to do an ollie with the deck. After you have learned this correctly, you will be able to start by using the thumb rather than your middle finger to get better control and maneuverability. After reading this article, I’m sure that you’ll like to give it a try. Start with an even surface, then gradually add obstacles to provide you with some more challenges. Focus and perseverance shall help you sail through.

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