How To Remove PC Tech Hotline

Does your PC seem to always have tech issues? 

Are you tired of costly and time-consuming phone support services?

This blog will show you how to erase the tech hotline from your computer and free yourself from the hassle of dealing with annoying tech support. 

Get ready to say goodbye to pesky phone calls, as you take an easy step towards a more stress-free PC experience.

Removing the PC Tech Hotline can be a difficult task, especially if you are unfamiliar with computers and technology. Fortunately, this step-by-step guide will provide simple instructions to help you safely and effectively remove the PC Tech Hotline from your machine.

It is important to note that while malware and virus programs can infect your machine, they are not always the culprits behind a problematic tech hotline. Software conflicts or human error could be the source of problems as well. 

Therefore, we suggest taking the following steps when attempting to remove the PC Tech Hotline from a computer or laptop.

Reasons to Remove PC Tech Hotline

PC Tech Hotline is a software service offered to keep your computer running at its best. This service provides technical support to help solve all sorts of computer-related issues. However, it may be necessary to remove PC Tech Hotline in certain situations, such as when you encounter compatibility issues or if it takes up too much of your computer’s memory and processing power.

Here are other reasons why you may want to consider removing PC Tech Hotline:

  • If the software uses outdated technology that does not effectively address current, widespread threats or is incompatible with popular applications.
  • If the technical support provided by PC Tech Hotline is inadequate and cannot meet your needs.
  • If the software takes up too much of your computer’s system resources, resulting in significant decreases in performance and stability issues.
  • If the software has caused errors or crashes on your system due to conflicts with other programs.
  • If you do not have an active subscription and have decided not to renew it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing PC Tech Hotline

Removing PC Tech Hotline from your computer completely is an important step in keeping your machine secure and malware-free. While the program is intended to provide technical support for your computer, oftentimes nefarious actors will disguise malicious software as legitimate tech hotline applications. 

By following this step-by-step guide on how to remove PC Tech Hotline from your computer, you can ensure that you are taking the necessary steps in preventing your computer against potential threats.

  • Close the program: Before you can remove the PC Tech Hotline from your machine, you must first close it. To do this, open the “Task Manager” by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting “Task Manager”. Under the “Processes” tab, locate PC Tech Hotline and select it to highlight its details. Then, click on “End Task” or press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ simultaneously and select End Process at any time until the task bar no longer shows PC Tech Hotline running under tasks.
  • Uninstall: After closing PC Tech Hotline from the Task Manager, open up the Control Panel (go to start menu > control panel). Under Programs category heading > Uninstall a Program > locate for pc tech hotline (you may need to make sure that show hidden items is checked located at the upper left corner).
  • Select uninstall: After locating pc tech hotline in all programs list, click once then select uninstall button located above all programs list.
  • Complete uninstallation process: Follow through each step as requested accordingly until the uninstallation process is complete.
  • Manually delete leftover files and folders: Delete any other leftover files or folders found in application directory (located in either Program files or Program files(x86)) or any other directories related with pc tech hotline application.
  • Restart computer: Restart computer after wiping out remaining files/folders to ensure that all registry entries have been cleared.


The process for removing a tech hotline from your computer can be a complicated one. Depending on the type of hotline you are trying to remove, you may need to install different software or make changes to your operating system settings. It is important to note that any changes you make may have an impact on other software programs as well.

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