Is it worth hiring an intern?

If you still don’t have an intern in your company, find out what are the advantages of hiring such a professional:

More innovation for your SME

Generally speaking, hiring interns allows for creative renewal within your business’ production chain. Of course, the intern is in your organization to learn and improve their knowledge — and they’re likely to learn a lot. But these professionals can also bring knowledge about new technologies, methods and processes to their company, as they have just absorbed this recently in college, a technical course, or else in their personal studies and search for information in specialized blogs.

Identify talents and have interns in different sectors of your company. Realize how the presence of this professional will help with daily demands.

New perspectives on organizational and technological issues

Interns challenge the traditional way in which the PME is structured, and may even help to improve some sectors and strategies of the organization. The young mentality can air certain areas and bring fresh ideas, with a different vision of doing things, which a manager would often not be able to see. This is a good way to upgrade your business, spending less and making it more productive.

In addition, these professionals are in greater contact with the different possibilities that current technology offers from a young age and are more comfortable using it, whether in computer programs or in the best way to act in social media. These knowledge and skills will be able to greatly favor your SME, not only in the operational part, but also in the marketing strategy of the business.

Less labor costs

If investment in human resources is a common problem for large corporations in Pak, imagine for small and medium-sized businesses? In this context, hiring interns and trainees, for example, becomes a very convenient practice for the organization to be able to minimize expenses, investing in a skilled, interested, motivated workforce at a lower cost.

Of course, there are specific rules for hiring, established by the Internship Law ( Law No. 11,788/2008 ), but they are much less rigorous than for an employee included in the CLT rules. Any high school, technical, college or special education student over 16 years old can be an intern.

Potential new talent for the team

Because they are not yet established in the market, interns are more committed, seek different ways to stand out and stand out at work, and are open to new ideas — always willing to learn and adapt with technological and procedural implementations.

When a student gets an internship, he wants to add experiences to his resume and gain new skills, he wants to be prepared for future job interviews and expand his hiring opportunities — including within his own SME. This puts him in a normally more active position in the company, really helping him to run his business, fulfilling the activities delegated to him.

The internship is an experimental period for students and can lead to something more promising, such as being hired, for example. Take the opportunity to observe this professional who is in your hands, analyzing his skills that are put to the test in the work routines and his ethics in relation to his attitudes and colleagues in the profession.

Guidance and focused preparation for the professional

When an intern joins your company, this is a great way to prepare him and shape him according to your precepts. They will represent your name more effectively, being able to later present attitudes that will be valued and playing key roles within the business. Just like hiring any employee, interns help spread the name of their SME in the market: they talk about it not only within their families, but also in undergraduate courses and even in future companies where they will be able to work.

Internship programs are hands-on learning opportunities based on what they have seen in the academic field and this is really beneficial for every student, who is not only developing his skills further, but is also building his career path.

It is through the internship that the student advances and acquires enriching professional experiences, solidly maturing his career. Having this program is also excellent for companies, as it makes it possible to hire an innovative, cheap and engaged workforce.

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