Justin Sigmon Video Who’s Leaked the Footage?

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) detained Justin Sigmon, a former officer of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, in Miami after he was suspected of making inappropriate physical contact with a minor while on a cruise. After Sigmon was accused of engaging in abusive sex with a child under the age of 12 on May 30, he was arrested.

Also becoming viral is video of the assault. Both the victim and Justin Sigma have provided clarification on a few points. You can find all the information regarding this case in this article.

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Justin Sigma’s Footage 

At the sheriff’s office in Franklin County, Justin Sigma worked as a deputy. On a Carnival cruise ship, Justin gets charged with assaulting a minor. A passenger caught Justin acting inappropriately around the child.

The video has received millions of online views. The event was captured on camera by security. Justin was sitting on the child’s lap, trying to get to her private area. According to the witness, the girl attempted shoving Justin’s hands away many times.

Carnival Cruise of  Justin Sigmon

Justin Sigma was detained after acting improperly towards a female. According to some sources, the girl was 9 years old, while other sources state that she was 12 years old. As the ship arrived in Miami, Justin was detained.

The cops accused Justin of having improper contact with a young girl on May 30. He left on June 2. She crossed her legs to stop Sigmon from making any more unwanted advances, according to court records. Because of privacy concerns, the Justin Dale Sigmon video has been taken down from all platforms.

Interview with Minor girl and Justin 

Justin Sigma was questioned by FBI. Online sources claim that Justin was aware that interacting with a youngster may be inappropriate. He claimed he had no intention for the interaction to be viewed as impolite.

She insisted Justin hadn’t made contact with her intimate parts. She insisted that he never even touched her beneath her clothing. Her claims, however, were refuted by the video.

Justin Sigmon on GoFundMe

A fundraiser was also planned by Brad Holly, who, according to social media sources, termed it ‘Justice for Justin’. There are no longer any details available, and the fundraising has been deleted.

In Nutshell

Though the recordings disproved the underage victim’s narrative of what happened because it was obvious that Justin Sigmon had touched her in places other than her knees or calves and had even touched her beneath her clothes. 

According to an FBI special agent’s inquiry, Justin Sigmon has good reason to be accused of abusing a child under the age of twelve. Authorities are deciding the best legal course of action as the situation develops.

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