What Color Goes With Grey Shorts?

You men can’t ever deny having probably one pair of gray shorts in their wardrobe, and still, you might be planning to get one. For making your wardrobe multifunctional. Undoubtedly, grey shorts are a versatile piece to add. But, do you know how to make stylish outfits out of it?

It is normally supposed that black and navy blue are only the best colors to pair with grey shorts and pants, but there’s in reality a wide range of shades to pick from. Nearly every color can be worn with gray, but all you need to do is make sure that it is the right shade. Why not take a look at the list of the best color shirts, we suggest, that will go with your gray shorts. Let’s go!


Gray Shorts and Shirt Combinations

Thanks to its versatility, gray can be positively paired with many colors. Just consider the shade and tone before you select the most flattering combination. Gray can differ radically between different garments, so not all items presenting this color will look good with the same hues. There are simple rules to follow that’ll make choosing a well-matched combination easier.

Grey is a unbiassed color that pairs well with a variety of colors. Here are a few color suggestions that can go well with grey shorts:

White – A standard combination that will always work. Light shades of gray should be balanced with a shirt with white. We all know that white shirts could be teamed up with any color, so we bet you’ll look officially cool with this combination.

Blue – Shorts in the cool shade of gray could be aligned with another cool shade, such as a blue shirt. This grouping will give you a more stress-free vibe, making you look, well, cool.

Dark Blue and Black: Are you aiming for a more elegant look, then this pairing is a must-try.

A darker shade of blue that adds sense to the outfit. A sleek and urbane look that can easily be dressed up or down. 

Burgundy – A rich, deep shade of red that counterparts the cool tones of grey.

Pale Pink – Have you ever thought of any soft, feminine color like pink that creates a gentle contrast with grey. Well, would give you that sober look.  

Brown: Try this combination if you want to steal glances from people If you have shorts in a warm gray tone, it’s unsurpassed to partner them with a brown shirt. Mixing a warm shade with another warm shade will give that pricey look.

Finally, the selection of color, shade and tone depends on your personal preference also on the occasion you are dressing for.


The Bottom Line

If you want a multi-functional garments closet, you need a pair of gray shorts. With their changeability, you’ll never run out of great outfit ideas. And I’m sure by now you are standing in front of your closet as you have already made up your mind to pick one of the combinations we suggested. 

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